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    Are you looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality garden sheds and outbuildings in London? Look no further than As the leading UK supplier of wooden garden buildings, iLikeSheds specializes in apex roof sheds, pent roof sheds, log cabins, summerhouses and more—all for affordable prices.

    With over 15 years of experience in the industry, iLikeSheds has helped thousands of homeowners in London expand their usable garden space by adding sturdy and stylish storage sheds. Whether you need extra storage for garden tools and equipment or a functional workshop, iLikeSheds has a wide selection of pre-built and customizable sheds to suit any budget or application.

    Here are five key reasons why is the best choice for purchasing sheds in London:

    Wide Range of Shed Styles and Sizes

    With iLikeSheds, customers can choose from a vast cin choosing wooden gardecatalogueings in various roof styles, wall claddings, sizes and configurations. The range includes standard and bespoke options in both wooden and metal construction, from compact 3×2 meter sheds to large insulated garden offices measuring 6×4 meters or more. The Best Place to Buy sheds london

    Affordable Prices

    Despite offering high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, iLikeSheds manages to keep its pricing very competitive. A wide selection of basic storage sheds starts from just a few hundred pounds. More extensive workshops, summerhouses and insulated buildings remain affordable compared to other suppliers. Free delivery adds further value.

    Fast Delivery Service

    The company provides fast delivery to most parts of London within 48 hours on select pre-built sheds. Alternatively, customers can choose from Saturday, next day or scheduled delivery options. This helps minimize waiting times for those wanting to install a new building quickly.

    Expert Assembly Service

    For an additional fee, iLikeSheds offers expert installation of all purchased buildings anywhere in London by a trained professional team. This provides total peace of mind for customers who prefer having their shed assembled promptly and correctly.The Best Place to Buy sheds london

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff actively assist customers in selecting the suitable building for their needs. They also offer installation guidance and after-sales wood treatment recommendations. An easy-to-navigate website, detailed catalog and responsive telephone support further enhance the buying experience.

    Choosing the Right Shed Style

    A key first consideration while looking for garden sheds in London is the type of roof. Below is a quick summary of the two most popular choices that iLikeSheds offers:

    Apex Roof Sheds

    Like the classic shed shape, apex roof buildings slope upwards to a central ridge from both sides. This allows maximum headroom inside and easier water run-off. Apex sheds maintain a functional yet traditional appearance that is suitable for most residential gardens.

    Pent Roof Sheds

    Offering a single-sloped roof, pent sheds occupy less vertical space but provide ample floor area. Ideal where height clearance is limited, they efficiently use narrow or awkwardly shaped plots. Some pent-shed models even feature higher roofs at one end for extra storage versatility.

    Other Key Factors to Consider:

    Size – Measure your space and future storage needs. Most basic sheds start around 3x2m, while larger cabins/offices reach 6x4m or more.

    Material – Wooden or metal construction? Consider weight, longevity and appearance preferences.

    Wall cladding – Tongue and groove, overlap or loglap options offer varying strengths and textures.

    Flooring – Most include an OSB floor, but upgraded T&G floors suit heavier loads better.

    Windows/doors – Choose single/double doors and add optional windows for natural light.

    Extras – Electrical points, insulation, external paint colours, and more can be specified.

    Buying a shed involves many options, but iLikeSheds makes selection straightforward through its product guides, virtual visualizers, and knowledgeable staff. Customers are assured of getting excellent value, quality and after-sales service.

    Top Selling Sheds from iLikeSheds

    Over the years, specific shed models from iLikeSheds’ catalogue have proven consistently popular with customers in London and beyond. Here are a few top picks to consider:

    6×3 Bike Shed

    Priced affordably, this compact yet sturdy pent shed protects cycles, motorbikes and tools. Secure double doors maximise storage. Easy assembly makes it a top choice for smaller gardens.The Best Place to Buy sheds london

    8×6 Apex Shed

    The classic mid-sized garden storage solution. Versatile interior fits tools, furniture, kids toys and more. Lifetime wood treatment and ten year rot-proof warranty provide good value and peace of mind.

    10×8 Workshop

    Larger workspace lets crafty homeowners indulge in hobbies. Insulated walls keep the weather out. The high-quality build uses pressure-treated timber for an extended lifespan. Electrical socket and roof lights included.

    5×4 Summerhouse

    The tranquil garden hideaway serves as a play area on rainy days. Natural light enters via decorative windows. Well-built pine structures age gracefully. The well-liked customisable option lets you customize the fittings and interior design.

    6×4 Insulated Office

    Thermally efficient pod creates separate study zones. Sound-insulated walls block outside noise. Double-glazed windows and electric points adapt the space for home office use. They are fully delivered and installed for hassle-free setup.

    While standard designs from the above list suffice most needs, customers can opt for entirely bespoke buildings. A team of expert joiners works with clients to design unique shed solutions tailored to even the most unusual garden shapes or requirements. Many delighted customers in London regularly share feedback praising iLikeSheds’ flexibility and craftsmanship.

    Benefits of Buying from the Manufacturer

    Purchasing directly from iLikeSheds rather than third-party retailers provides several key advantages:

    • Access to the entire product catalog including specials and new items not available elsewhere.
    • Product specialists on hand to offer expert guidance specific to the brand’s range.
    • Hassle-free returns policy and comprehensive after-sales support from the manufacturing source.
    • Total quality assurance as buildings arrive fully factory made rather than assembled on-site.
    • Savings from removed middle-man markups are passed on in the form of competitive pricing.
    • Opportunity to customize designs, fixtures and fittings to best suit individual garden and budget needs.
    • convenience of having a single point of contact for delivery, purchases, and servicing for the course of a customer’s ownership.

    With almost two decades of sector experience, iLikeSheds has streamlined their entire process to create a best-in-class buying experience. From planning through construction to long term care, they handle every step with exceptional professionalism, craftsmanship and customer focus. This makes them the natural first choice for discerning homeowners looking for quality garden buildings in London and nationwide. So for the widest choice at the best prices, look no further than

    Tips for Choosing an Ideal Shed Location

    Once you’ve selected your perfect shed from iLikeSheds, it’s important to choose a suitable site for installation. Here are some key placement factors to consider:

    • Measure the shed footprint and ensure space is fully clear by at least 60cm all round for access and ventilation.
    • Position out of direct sunlight if placing near walls – this prevents excessive interior heat buildup.
    • At least 1 meter away from trees to avoid leaves, sap or falling branches damaging the roof.
    • On a dry, level base for stability – concrete, paving stones or a prepared landscape are best.
    • Near a power source if you require internal electric points to be added later.
    • Orientation – sheds facing away from prevailing winds and rain tend to experience less weathering over time.
    • Aesthetics – site where the shed positively adds to your garden’s visual appeal rather than looking squeezed in.
    • Security – avoid concealed areas and situate within view of your home for added protection.

    Correct initial placement allows any iLikeSheds garden building to serve faithfully as intended for many years to come with minimal upkeep. Factoring in these expert location tips pays off greatly in the long run.

    Caring for Your New Shed

    Proper routine care and protection will safeguard your substantial investment. iLikeSheds offers the following maintenance recommendations:

    • Clean debris from roof every 6 months to prevent moisture buildup and damage below.
    • Inspect for signs of rot, gaps or insect infestations annually – repair promptly to avoid worsening.
    • Retreat woodwork yearly or as required with a good quality preservative spray. Oil-based varieties form the most effective barrier.
    • Ensure ventilation slots remain clear to boost air flow and forestall interior condensation issues.
    • Tighten or replace any loose, missing or corroded hardware as found to maintain structural integrity.
    • In winter, open internal doors periodically to equalize pressure and avoid panel warping from temperature fluctuations.
    • Consider optional guttering and water butts to divert rain clear of vulnerable lower walls strategically.

    Financing Options

    For larger purchases, iLikeSheds offers financial options through third-party providers such as Klarna and PayPal Credit. This allows spreading payments over 6-24 months at competitive rates. However, always compare costs with other finance sources.


    All iLikeSheds buildings are backed by solid warranties – 10 years against rot for wood and five years rust-proof for metal. Artistry, too, comes with a minimum 12-month guarantee.

    Planning Permission

    Sheds under 15 square meters usually don’t require council approval. Those over must apply for permitted development rights. Experts at iLikeSheds can advise if in doubt.

    Bespoke Designs

    For truly custom builds like multi-room cabins, the joinery team will liaise closely to develop detailed plans and arrange sign-off before the start of production. This ensures perfect results.The Best Place to Buy sheds london

    Installation Services

    Rather than DIY assembly, customers may prefer the added reassurance and speed of professional on-site fitting by iLikeSheds technicians. Their expertise handles any location type with neat finishing.

    DIY Guidance

    Comprehensive instructions are provided for self-assembly. Assembly helpline advisors also stand ready to answer customer queries over the phone during the build process.The Best Place to Buy sheds london

    Aftersales Support

    Even after installation, iLikeSheds remains available to resolve any issues should they arise later under warranty. Minor maintenance advice also continues to be freely offered.


    Glowing online reviews from thousands of satisfied past clients in London and beyond provide social proof of the quality customer experiences iLikeSheds consistently delivers.

    So, in summary – for quality pre-built or custom sheds, ease of the buying journey, competitive costs and trusted aftersales support – iLikeSheds is a safe and stress-free choice for garden building needs across London.


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